Our Trampoline Park consists of over 140 connected trampolines making it one of the largest in the U.K.

We have 4 distinct zones within the park to allow for different play experiences.

These include a main jump area with 69 trampoline beds including 5 combination tracks and 2 slam dunk basketball tracks.  A dodgeball court which has 40 trampolines and is split into 2 sections for team games.  The freestyle jump area which has 28 trampoline beds and also our air bag pit which has 3 trampolines and 1 platform to launch yourself from.

We have also invested in the latest lighting and sound system that adds to the great atmosphere.

We have also installed 3 large projectors which will show your tricks and jumps onto the main arena wall so there is no way your friends or family will miss out on what your doing.

Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by someone over 16, this can be a fellow jumper or a spectator (No charge for spectators).   

All jumpers must also have a waiver signed by someone over 18.

At certain times the Dodgeball court maybe used for fitness classes or Prismatic birthday party sessions but these never run for the full hour so everyone will always still get some time in this zone.

On certain occasions it maybe necessary to close areas down for maintenance or repairs with or without notice.